The Healing Fruit Extract

The Healing Fruit Extract

The Saw Palmetto Plant

What is it?

Saw Palmetto is a palm that grows to be about 10 feet and is usually found in bunches. The most important part of this plant is the fruit that grows from it.

The fruit can be eaten and the saw palmetto supplement is the extract that comes from the fruit.

Where is it grown?

Typically you can find saw palmetto near the southeast region of North America, near the eastern and gulf coasts.

How far back can we track it?

The benefits of this plant have been known for many centuries. It has been used in traditional, and alternative medicine. In the early 20th century saw palmetto was used by Native Americans to treat urinary tract infections and increase sperm production.

What are the benefits of taking saw palmetto?

Prevents Prostate Cancer:

One of the major uses of saw palmetto is to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Taking this supplement can slow down the conversion of testosterone to DHT. 5a-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for prostate enlargement, which is one cause of prostate cancer. Studies have shown that taking this supplement can even prevent the overall growth and destroy dangerous prostate cancer cells.

Aids with Hair Loss Prevention:

This supplement helps with preventing hair loss because it keeps testosterone levels balanced. Once again, saw palmetto slowing down the conversion of testosterone to DHT is extremely helpful. As you age your testosterone levels decrease and DHT levels increase. Usually when a hair falls out another hair will grow back in its place- but if DHT is high, hair growth decreases.

Supports Urological System:

Saw palmetto can help both men and women with issues with their urological system.

This supplement can be useful for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is when your prostate gland becomes inflamed and puts pressure on the urethra, which leads to difficulty urinating.

It can also help treat weakening urinary organs in the elderly or women post menopause.

Other Benefits:

Some other impressive benefits of this supplement are its ability to stimulate sexual activity, improve the immune system, increase muscle mass, and increase the health of your kidneys. What can’t this plant extract do?

How to find Saw Palmetto?

Visit our shop page! Our formula is the pure extract, not a blend of saw palmetto- so you get all of the benefits of the berries without the harmful additives.

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