Water Gone with Dandelion – Premium Diuretic Water Pill


Fight fluid retention and reduce bloating without our premium, gluten-free diuretic water pill with dandelion plus eight supportive herbal extracts. Enriched with potassium, this supplement will keep you hydrated while ridding your body of excess fluid.

60 capsules.

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BYE BYE BLOAT Our diuretic water pill promotes the release of stored water to promote a flatter tummy and ease swelling caused by fluid retention

A NATURAL DIURETIC Our supplement helps to fight water retention using only the finest ingredients nature has to offer with dandelion plus eight supportive herbal extracts

ELIMINATE WATER, NOT VITAL MINERALS Ordinary diuretics can deplete supplies of vital salts, leaving you dehydrated. NutriSage Water Gone is enriched with potassium, making it the safer diuretic option

Free of artificial ingredients, fillers and preservatives
GMP Certified
30-day money back guarantee
Made in the USA

1 review for Water Gone with Dandelion – Premium Diuretic Water Pill


    This is a real review. I bought these things and didn’t use them. Yesterday my legs and feet were swollen cause I was retaining so much water so on a whem I took three of these I was desperate. They work. With 24 hours my legs and feet went down. I don’t leave reviews often but this is an awesome product. You will be going to the bathroom but it’s awesome.

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